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What does SnapRobotics do?

The team designs and programs multimodal soft grippers for Cobots. 


What can SnapRobotics multimodal soft gripper grab?

SnapRobotics can pick and pack items between 1.5 mm and 158 mm. With food grade and skin-safe silicon used, the soft gripper can function under broad temperature ranges between -40 to 180 C.


Does SnapRobotics require setup for each item?

SnapRobotics can switch between three form factors seamlessly with automated reconfigurations. The initial setup is also effortless once deployed.


Is SnapRobotics soft gripper safe?

Yes, the pneumatically powered soft gripper is operated by suction power (negative pressure). Even small leakage happens, the soft gripper will not be pushed around and will still work for an extended period until being replaced.

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What Cobot brands do SnapRobotics compatible with?

Our prototype is developed and tested with universal robotic arm and controller (model number: UR10). Our soft grippers can be mounted to ABB, Kuka, Yaskawa, Hanwha, UR and FANUC.


What are some popular use cases?

The soft gripper together with Cobots have been demonstrated in assembling cooked food plates as well as high-mix packaging (such as mobile components). The team also continues exploring agriculture and waste management settings.


Does the system come with computer vision system?

There are plans to develop an advanced computer vision system in collaboration with other partners which allows the gripper to identify and pick items visually.


Can I order soft gripper now?

The team is working on the prototype and deployment in use cases. If you would like to explore, please contact us via Email Address TBD.

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